Bell-X operates a world-class support system that offers timely response to clients, guarantees constant and vigorous review of project deliverables and provides optimal quality maintenance strategies. We have consistently applied this culture in delivering to telecom operators – MTN, Zain, Globacom, Etisalat and Visafone as well as equipment vendors, Ericsson, Alcatel and Huawei in Nigeria.

Constructions Work Management
Bell-X has over the years, through its affiliate companies, harnessed the skill of managing extended type construction activities. We lay emphasis on quality and timely delivery of projects and ensure that a large battery of subcontracting resources follow the same philosophy. We monitor our activities with meticulous regularity to ensure that we achieve our stated targets in projects being executed at multi-locations simultaneously.
Towers / Greenfield Site Construction
Bell-X has resources to manage more than 50 Greenfield sites on turnkey basis in a month.
BSC, BTS Indoor and Outdoor Site Construction
Bell-X has also demonstrated over time that it has the requisite technical capacity and know-how, to meet very ambitious and challenging BSC and BTS construction and activities, both indoor and outdoor.
OSP/ELP Work Experiences
Bell-X is conversant with construction activities and is capable of handling projects such as installation of Optical Fibre Cable or rolling out Copper networks having multi-location characteristics. We have staff Managers and Engineers who have worked on similar projects in different countries under varied geographical and weather conditions.
RF Installation, Optimization & Network Quality Enhancement, RBS, Microwave and VSAT installation
Bell-X has demonstrated abilities to do Radio and VSAT Installation in difficult locations, on different tower types and terrain. We have also positioned ourselves strategically to offer a wide range of network quality enhancement solutions such as amplitude modulation detuning, maximization of inbound radio coverage, resolution of frequency interference issues, etc. We can also offer site management solution that allows operators to setup their own in-house, automated monitoring center.
Planning / Design
The success of any project, regardless of the size and challenges that might be posed during execution is very dependent on the planning stage. Design, being the basis on which to plan, is carried out with high ideals of professionalism. Our teams of project engineers are constantly updated through training and seminars on the considerations that are key during site surveys and the precision to be applied when translating deductions from surveys into the design of networks that are to have a considerable number of years as its life span.
System Analysis
In the instance of retrofit or revamp projects, System Analysis is a process which we are very familiar with from our experiences in BTS site decommissioning and installations of collocation sites. The care needed in working around existing systems while building and improving on the infrastructure is taken as a specialized field in Bell-X and we devote a particular team to carry out system analysis of such sites or projects, detailing working conditions of existing installations and proffering seamless integration with new installations.
All our projects are managed systematically through the implementation phase. We have dedicated project managers for each project and with the use of specialized software’s like the MS Project, monitoring of activities, budget, timelines and quality is assured.
We own warehouses in three regions of the country (South/South, South/West & North Central) and also own a number of utility vehicles that aid the transportation of materials and equipment with ease. Outside this, we have a cordial relationship with renowned transport companies in the country and this can be tapped into when the need arises.